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update include BSD license and download_url

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 may need PyOpenSSL--though the new cherrypy server includes support for using the
 python built-in ssl module depending on which version of python you are using.
+django-wsgiserver is BSD licensed based on lincolnloop's django-cpservers original code.
 To install, django-wsgiserver follows the usual pattern for a django python application.  You have several options
+    license="BSD",
     description="""django-wsgiserver installs a web server for Django using CherryPy's WSGI server.""",
     author="""Peter Baumgartner Chris Lee-Messer the authors of CherryPy""",
-    author_email=",",
+    author_email=",",
+    maintainer="Chris Lee-Messer",
     # from README.rst
+    download_url=""
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