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acknowledge/thank Charl Botha for help with static files

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-Acknowledgments and References
 Many thanks to Peter and lincolnloop for describing how to do this and writing the code.
 Peter acknowledged idea and code snippets borrowed from Loic d'Anterroches, adapted to run as a management command
 Peter hosts his code at 
+ * Charl Botha (cpbotha)  staticfiles work
 .. [#] For example `Peter's blog post`_ describes using django_cpserver on a VPS.
 .. _`Peter's blog post`:

File tests/README.rst

 I set up a virtualenv with django 1.3 pre installed on it, and then cd to testdjangoproject
+I use pip to make sure the dependencies (django, django-debug-toolbar)
+are included::
+  pip install -r requirements
 To run basic tests::
   python runwsgiserver

File tests/testdjangoproject/

 from settings import *
 STATICFILES_ROOT = os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, 'static')
+STATICFILES_URL = r'/static/'
 # experimental for development work it would be nice to not need to
 # run collectstatic all the time

File tests/testdjangoproject/

 def hello(request):
     data = {}
-    data['HAS_STATICFILES_ROOT'] = False
+    data['HAS_STATICFILES_ROOT'] = True
         if settings.STATICFILES_ROOT:
             data['HAS_STATICFILES_ROOT'] = True