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 	started to document them.  Experimental: STATICFILES_DIRS during
 	development to avoid needing to collect files all. Added django-odeon's
 	patch to wsgiserver to make it robust to illegal header lines
+- 0.6.10 add path for django.contrib.admin to address issue #5,#6
 - 0.6.9 typo fix
 - 0.6.8 Changed name of bitbucket repo to django-wsgiserver to match it's pypi name

File django_wsgiserver/management/commands/runwsgiserver.py

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 from socket import gethostname
 from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand
 from django_wsgiserver import mediahandler
+import django.contrib.admin # used to find where admin media is in filesystem
   Run this project in CherryPy's production quality http webserver.