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django-wsgiserver version 0.8.0beta django-wsgiserver 0.8.0rc1

installed 2013-11-29 using pip install django-wsgiserver

did not work in django 1.5 untill the following two fixes were made

in [user]\Anaconda\Lib\site-packages\django_wsgiserver\management\commands\

replaced: django.core.servers.basehttp.AdminMediaHandler with: django.contrib.staticfiles.handlers.StaticFilesHandler


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  1. Christopher Lee-Messer repo owner

    I think it is desireable to replace ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX, though leaving it as a fallback may be ok.

    Switching to django.contrib.staticfiles.handlers.StaticFilesHandler is more problematic and requires more thought.

    I also need to see how my current tests did not catch this and update them. Thank you for submitting the issue!

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