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Issue #7 on hold

python: abrt: detected unhandled Python exception in manage.py

Anonymous created an issue

when in shell run: python manage.py runwsgiserver daemonize=true pidfile=/var/run/django-cpwsgi.pid cat /var/log/messages : python: abrt: detected unhandled Python exception in manage.py

and the server did't work,how can i do? (python 2.6 django 1.3.1 django-wsgiserver 0.6.10 )

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  1. Christopher Lee-Messer repo owner

    Interesting, I don't have django 1.3.1 at the moment but I'll try it in a moment. but with django 1.3 using django-wsgiserver 0.6.10

    python manage.py runwsgiserver pidfile=`pwd`/djangocp.pid daemonize=true cat

    works well when running from the django-wsgiserver-0.6.10/tests/testdjangoproject directory One question: are you sure you have permission to write to /var/run?

  2. Christopher Lee-Messer repo owner

    I was unable to reproduce the bug with python 2.7, django 1.3.1 and django-wsgiserver 0.6.10 will check next with python 2.6

    Can you run without the daemonize option and let me know if there is any traceback?

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