1. Chris Lee-Messer
  2. MochiKit.Animator



Karl Guertin's (grayrest@gr.ayre.st>) cool Animation engine that works with MochiKit. It's based on MochiKit-style docs are in the doc directory in reStructured text format. The code is based upon Versions:

  • version saved from Karl's page for years, worked with MochiKit 1.4
  • Since 0.9.1 after a few months too many...
    • Completely reworked how chaining works, removing all known bugs.
    • Renamed onBackwards event to onBackward

Chris's Notes

I've included a version of the sizzle branch of mochikit 1.5 for testing because I'm checking it out.
  • latest revision is MochiKit rev 1561 + mochikit-sizzle r 1519