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fix self.dt_us values after test with clampfit
multiple actions:tests,unixlib,gccxml,pure python 1.x lib
add more info for testing files
basic test for get_cmd_waveform done
progress-working waveform, needs a test
add get_waveform to Abf class to access stimulus waveform
have working get_cmdwaveform (just remember to start episodes count at 1
add abffio.def files from pexports
fixed version setting
fixed string parsing of 2d char arrays
fix ref to include hdr..2.c
add utilites to plottraces, docs, update test
added function to get cmd waveform, C ext works
added example function of getting waveform info
add Axon's help file for the file pack describing their library and add test protocol files to the tests directory
bump version to 1.0 as now does what I need it to do
add 2D structure info to header info so have access to stimulus waveform information
Chris Lee-Messer
Chris Lee-Messer reads in the scalars from the header successfully
fix typos
find the numpy directory
Chris Lee-Messer
add text version of ABF2 programmers guide
add tests, binary abf2txt
add matlab files for abf files to test
continued update with pClamp9 file test and notes
add test file
add a few notes
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