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This directory contains code to wrap Teunis van Beelen's edflib for python.

It provides access to EDF files, the european data format---commonly used for EEG and other biosignal recordings.

src/ -> holds the a version of edflib from Teunis's web site edflib/ -> holds the python/cython code to wrap edflib tests/ -> tests examples/ -> example code and short samples

Almost all of the low-level C functions in Teunis's edflib are wrapped in edflib._edflib which is created in cython. I have started creating more pythonic wrappers.


This code is licensed under the same BSD-style license that Teunis released edflib under and with the same disclaimer. (See src/edflib.c and README-edflib.txt)



This is currently "research quality" code. I developed it for my limited purposes to read a few dozen EEGs for a research project. It still needs tests, more refractoring to make a real pythonic api before heading to towards a polished package. I am making it available in the hopes that it may be useful for others. As I need to use it, I may continue to improve and update it, but I can make no promises.

Change list

2015-06 update to edflib 1.11


[] tests, tests, tests !!! [] add new functions from version 1.10 of edflibX [] update cython interface to use typed memory views(???)