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-smt - stockwell transform and multitaper transform
-get from st module:
-hilbert(x) returns the complex Hilbert transform of the real array x.
-st(x[, lo, hi]) returns the 2d, complex Stockwell transform of the real\n\
-array x. If lo and hi are specified, only those frequencies (rows) are\n\
-returned; lo and hi default to 0 and n/2, resp., where n is the length of x.
-ist(y[, lo, hi]) returns the inverse Stockwell transform of the 2d, complex\n\
-array y.
 import sys
 import numpy as npy
 from sine import sine_taper
 	return s
-def stfreq(f,length, srate):
-	"""Convert frequencies f in Hz into rows of the stockwell transform
-	given sampling rate srate and length of original array"""
-	# in C:  return floor(f * len / srate + .5);
-	return round(f*length/srate)