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improving stspecgram

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 # row ii -> ii/L
 # Then the freq of row ii is
 freq[ii] = ii/Tn
+Noter, the NIH imaging center also has multidimensional stockwell transforms
 import stockwell.smt as smt
 # eegfile="/mnt/hgfs/clee/Documents/swaineeg/NKT/EEG2100/CA75510M_1-1+_1-2+.edf"


 from __future__ import division
-from st import *
+# import the methods implemented in C
+from st import st, ist, hilbert
 def stfreq(f,length, srate):


+provide matplotlib-based visualization functions for stockwell transforms
+import stockwell 
 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
 from matplotlib.offsetbox import TextArea, DrawingArea, OffsetImage, \
 from mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1 import host_subplot
-def plotspec(psx, fs=2.0, lofreq=None, hifreq=None, t1=None, t2=None):
+def plotspec(psx, fs=2.0, lofreq=None, hifreq=None, t0=None, t1=None):
     useful for plotting the power of a stockwell transform
     it relies upon matplotlib for display
     >>> # # to visualize this
     extent = [0,psx.shape[1], 0.0, fs/2.0] # default extents
-    if t1 != None and t2 != None:
-        extent[0] = t1
-        extent[1] = t2
+    if t0 != None and t1 != None:
+        extent[0] = t0
+        extent[1] = t1
     if lofreq != None:
         extent[2] = lofreq
     if hifreq != None:
         extent[3] = hifreq
+    plt.ylabel('Hz')
     return plt.imshow(psx, extent=extent, aspect='auto', origin='lower')
+def stspecgram(x,fs,lofreq=None, hifreq=None, t0=None, t1=None):
+    """
+    plot out the stockwell spectrum abs(st(x))
+    given frequency sampling fs in Hz
+    lofreq and hifreq are the frequency limits expressed in terms of the nyquist frequency(?)
+    """
+    n = x.shape[0]
+    if t0==None:
+        t0=0.0
+    if t1==None:
+        t1=n/float(fs)+t0
+    if lofreq==None and hifreq==None:
+        return plotspec(abs(sx),fs, t0=t0,t1=t1)
+    lorow=stockwell.stfreq(lofreq,n,fs)
+    hirow=stockwell.stfreq(hifreq,n,fs)
+, lorow,hirow)
+    return plotspec(abs(sx), fs, lofreq=lofreq,hifreq=hifreq, t0=t0,t1=t1)
 def stpowerstack(x,stx):
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