Chris Leonello avatar Chris Leonello committed 4b41340

Update version to 0.6.4.
Minor mod to naming of gz and bz2 archive distributions in build script.

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        includes="${DIST_DIR}/jquery*.min.js ${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.* ${DIST_DIR}/*.txt ${DIST_DIR}/plugins/*"
-      <tar destfile="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.tgz" compression="gzip">
+      <tar destfile="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.tar.gz" compression="gzip">
           <zipfileset src="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.zip"/>
-      <tar destfile="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.tbz" compression="bzip2">
+      <tar destfile="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.tar.bz2" compression="bzip2">
           <zipfileset src="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.jqplot.${version}.zip"/>
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