Chris Leonello avatar Chris Leonello committed 81ec4eb

Fix for groups option on bars, which was broken around r1111 when fixed null values with stacked charts.

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             var count = 0;
             for (var i=skip; i<l; i+=skip) {
       , 0, [null, null]);
+                this._plotData.splice(i+count, 0, [null, null]);
+                this._stackData.splice(i+count, 0, [null, null]);
             for (i=0; i<; i++) {
                 if (this._primaryAxis == '_xaxis') {
           [i][0] = i+1;
+                    this._plotData[i][0] = i+1;
+                    this._stackData[i][0] = i+1;
                 else {
           [i][1] = i+1;
+                    this._plotData[i][1] = i+1;
+                    this._stackData[i][1] = i+1;
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