Issue #132 resolved

jqplotSeriesPointChange not triggered correctly

Anonymous created an issue

In jqplot_dragable.js, function handleMove(), line 122

            dc._elem.trigger('jqplotSeriesPointChange', [dp.seriesIndex,

dp.pointIndex, [xu,yu], [x,y]]);

the event is being triggered on the drag canvas instead of the event canvas. If I change that line to

('jqplotSeriesPointChange', [dp.seriesIndex, dp.pointIndex, [xu,yu], [x,y]]);

then the handler I've registered is invoked as expected.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Chris, This is still not working for me. Could you please add the unit test you used to test this? Perhaps to examples/trendlineDragableCustomization.html, or to a new example page demonstrating event hooks. Regards, Günther .

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