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Cursor and Highlight Plugins Conflict When Zooming

created an issue

I was experiencing problems when using both the highlighter and cursor (for zooming). If I select and drag to choose an area to zoom, and my mouse enters one of the tooltips for a data point, the selection is lost.

I created a patch that fixes this issue, but wasn't sure if this is the best way to prevent the problem. In the highlight plugin, I'm checking to see if the cursor module is actively "zooming' before showing a tooltip. Patch is attached, but I haven't tested if the cursor plugin isn't active.

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  1. Chris Leonello repo owner

    This is happening (most likely) b/c the tooltips are being drawn on top of the "event canvas" which captures the mouse movements. I'll take a look and make sure to draw the tooltips underneath the event canvas.

  2. Chris Leonello repo owner

    Devin, Since it sounds like you were still having problems even with the tooptip drawn under the canvas, I've also incorporated a slightly modified version of your patch so tooltips won't display while zooming. It should be in the repository around rev 468.

    Thanks for the patch!

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