IE 8 problem with rendering the graph

TomislavB avatarTomislavB created an issue

I have an application in grails and i made a custom tag for rendering jqplot graphs. It works well in ff and chrome, but in IE 7,8 the graphs do not show.

No errors are indicated at the bottom line of IE browser. I was expecting to find some javascript, jquery errors, but none were there.

Tried debugging it in IE8 but to no avail. If Chris or anyone has had similar difficulties, please share your experience.

I'm using jquery 1.3.2 and i was carefull to load it before any of the jqplot scripts. Among others, i'm also reffering to these scripts in my html:

<p:javascript src='jquery/jquery.jqplot'/> <p:javascript src='jquery/jqplot.barRenderer'/> <p:javascript src='jquery/jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer'/>

many thanks, Tomislav

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