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Y-axis ticks go exponentially higher than the largest y-axis value

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In the attached sample chart, the max y-axis tick value is exponentially higher than the maximum y-axis value in the data series. The max tick value changes to a lower value when I remove fill:true on the seriesDefaults or I remove autoscale:true on the yaxis.

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  1. Chris Leonello repo owner

    Note, autoscale is an (almost) deprecated option. It is really only useful if you have 2 or more y axes and you want ticks to line up across the plot. You would not have known this, however, as i haven't documented until I can fully deprecate it.

    With no min max, tickInterval or numberTicks options, the default autoscaling algorithm works much better than the "autoscale" option. My suggestion would be to not use autoscale: true at this point, although I still consider this a bug. You may want to set "padMin: 0", though.

  2. tomasc reporter

    Removing autoscale:true and setting padMin:0 appears to do the job. Thanks!

    I'm still using autoscale:true on another chart that has two y-axes with one line series (fill:false) on each axis to get the ticks to line up as you said.

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