Obscure uninitElement failure in jqplot.GenericCanvas.prototype.resetCanvas

Jburnish avatarJburnish created an issue

in $.jqplot.GenericCanvas.prototype.resetCanvas the method "window.G_vmlCanvasManager.uninitElement(this._elem.get(0))}" seems to be incompatible with SharePoint 2007 and IE 7 specifically. Has to be both to throw an 'object doesn't support that method' error.

To be further obscure, this error is only thrown when using multiple series as your data object. e.g. jqplot('targetname',[array1, array2], blah blah

Using just a single series seems to bypass the issue.

I worked around the issue by making a copy of your source code and commenting out the uninitElement method. My page doesn't get automatic refreshes, so I don't think I'll run into the memory leak this method was designed to fix.

v/r Jack

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  1. Jburnish

    Oops, forgot to add that I needed the updated version of excanvas from google to by pass a 'Cannot load this page' error with, again, IE7 and SharePoint 2007 combined.

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