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Double values on x-axis

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There seems to be a bug in the 1.0.0b2_947 release. If you assign min and max values to the x-axis, lets say 1 to 12 and your dataset has 12 entries they are missaligned because one of the x-values is drawn twice. If you delete the min and max values, the graph is drawn correctly. This does not happen in the 1.0.0b2_792 release.

I attached an image of the graph.

Here is the code :



var jahr2011 = [[1,76],[2,93],[3,87],[4,80],[5,89],[6,95],[7,103],[8,85],[9,62],[10,46],[],[]];

$(document).ready(function() { var plot1 = $.jqplot ('chart1',[jahr2011], { title:'Bestellungen', series:[ { label:'2011'
], legend:{ show:true, location:'sw' }, axesDefaults:{ tickOptions:{ formatString:'%d' } }, axes: { xaxis:{ min:1, max:12, label:'Monate', labelRenderer: $.jqplot.CanvasAxisLabelRenderer, }, yaxis: { label:'Bestellungen', labelRenderer: $.jqplot.CanvasAxisLabelRenderer, } } } ); }); }}}

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