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Why the development is so slow? Even simplest bugs are not fixed, even if fixes are submitted by users. I don't believe a single bug was closed during last couple of months (if not pull requested by thomasc)

We chose this library in one of our products and we're really disappointed.

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  1. Anonymous

    Plus the webpage ( is down. We just adopted jqPlot a few months ago, and now I'm afraid it's going to be abandoned by its author!

  2. Anonymous

    Sad, I was starting to write a perl module for it, now I don't think I'll do that! HTML5 canvas charts are probably the next best thing to write for.

  3. tomasc


    Did you bother to do some quick searching before posting this? Issues are not the right place to be complaining about a project (and one provided for free at that!). If you don't like the level of service provided by some guy operating in his free time, then there are other options out there that offer paid support (

    If you took the time to scroll to the top of the page here and click on "Commits" (, then you would notice two commits in the last two weeks, and another four in the previous month. Number of Issues closed is not always a representation of project activity.

    If you don't know how to compile the latest source (ie. ant,, then you can download the latest tarball release from which was released sometime in the last month. Not sure why this page isn't linked from the main index page, but that's a different problem.

    There's nothing stopping you from forking the code ( and rolling your own bugfixes, as I and many others have done. It lets you integrate bugfixes from other people and use them before they are integrated back into the main jqPlot codebase. DVCS ftw? \o/

    And lastly, if you're going to quote my username, please get the spelling correct ;-)

  4. Anonymous

    I think the problem is that both the download links have some inconsistent behavior on where it's pointing to. Sometimes it points to the bitbucket downloads (old stuff dating back to November of last year), while other times it points to the official jqplot page's downloads (which have the latest versions). So I would say the bug is the download link? =)

    (Thanks for the hard work, BTW!)

  5. Anonymous

    No commits since 2012-03-14. It seems that the topic starter was correct. Could we get a word from Chris? Is he just taking a break? If not can we find a different maintainer ? There are many pull requests for bug fixes that are just sitting there.

  6. halfdan

    Paul Pritchard, well.. yea. I see that the issue might not be an issue, but shortly after you closed the issue development stopped. It's been almost 11 months without a change. Retina support is missing and plots are really looking bad on those devices.

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