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decimal percentage value in piechart label

Alex Bartecko
created an issue

I am using pie chart (for two variables) with these options:

rendererOptions: {
showDataLabels: true, dataLabels: 'percent', fill: true, shadow: false, diameter: 70, padding: 0, sliceMargin: 0, lineWidth: 2, seriesColors: ["#9d9d9d", "#FF0066", "#ffcc33"], highlighter: { show: false } }

Everythink is ok, when values for piechart are hight. But when 1 variable is for example 150000, second variable is 20, result is 100%. But i don't need result 100%, but 99,8% for example. Is there some solution for this settings? it seems that percentage result is round to up, but i need to leave result in pie chart as decimal value. Is this possible?

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