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jqplot's 'pad' attribute not working

Anish Nair
created an issue

Hi Chris, The 'pad' attribute doesn't seem to work for me. Can you tell me why?

I am using a simple array like the one below:

var arr_values = [['13-Oct-12',0], ['14-Oct-12',0], ['15-Oct-12',0], ['16-Oct-12',280], ['17-Oct-12',150], ['18-Oct-12',167], ['19-Oct-12',200], ['20-Oct-12',123], ['21-Oct-12',220]];

I am setting the 'min' value on the y-axis to '0', so that the y-axis doesn't include the negative values in the ticks.

But since my array( i.e. arr_values) has one or more data value at '0', the marker on the line chart gets cut(the x-axis cuts it)

So i decided to use the 'pad' attribute so that the chart doesn't get cut. But it just won't work out for me.

I hope you are clear with my problem.

So looking forward for your help

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