high density screens/retina displays support

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Fist of all, thank you for your awesome library!

Then, nowadays, high density screens (or "retina" displays) are spreading out really fast and unfortunately jqPlot doesn't support them which makes every generated canvas look blurry.

If you look at this pull request from flot, it doesn't seem like supporting high density screens is really complicated (at least for someone who truly understand how your code works).

So please, consider adding such a scaling fix to jqPlot core.


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  1. TWilly86

    I am using JQplot in my phonegap IOS application so I would like to see retina support. I haven't done any JQPlot development but I've used the library now for 4 months. If someone could help get me started in the right direction I would like to take this on. I'm not sure where to start at this point though.



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