Donut with single slice and 0 sliceMargin renders incorrectly on IE8+

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Create a donut chart with a single slice and a sliceMargin set to 0. This should produce a ring shape, but it does not render correctly under IE8 and IE9. I have not tested under IE10. The rest of the browsers - FF, Google Chrome and Opera render correctly. Most probably this is a similar issue to #147 that was resolved in the past.

I've modified the original pie-donut-charts.html example and attached the file named donut-chart-IE-bug.html to illustrate the issue. The file must be copied under the distribution's example folder to work correctly.

I succeeded to alleviate to some extend the issue, by specifying a small fractional value for slieceMargin. However, I could not lower the value less than 0.01. If lowered further the problem appears again. Depending on the size of the chart, there is a tiny gap that is clearly visible even with 0.01 sliceMargin.

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