Discontinuos data axes - tooltip management

Marco Berardi avatarMarco Berardi created an issue

Hi, I'm looking for a way to generate non continuous data axes. Since axis with breakpoints are currently implemented only for linear axis, I just used a little trick. My situation regards a large amount of data for the week, but no points for sat and sun; hence, each monday should start immediately after the previous friday. I was able to obtain this behavior modifying properly the input data and the creation of the label, in order to display the "fake" values (minus 2 days for each week after the first); however, I still haven't found a way to display such value from the tooltip and the highlighter (no matter what, they show the original value). Can you give me a hint for the right direction? In particular, at which point can I modify the value displayed from such elements? Haven't got any luck with the manual examination of the code. Thanks a lot and congrats for the awesome job!

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