jqplotToImageStr fails for DateAxisRenderer

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I use the jqplotToImageStr for many chart types, which all worked fine. Now I have to use it for a line chart with a date axis renderer and when the full jqplot is loaded the error is:

TypeError: offs is undefined at line 9069 var plotleft = offs.left;

I am using version .1.0.8r1250

It also fails on the example chart

var line1 = [['2008-09-30 4:00PM', 4], ['2008-10-30 4:00PM', 6.5], ['2008-11-30 4:00PM', 5.7], ['2008-12-30 4:00PM', 9], ['2009-01-30 4:00PM', 8.2]];
    var plot1 = $.jqplot(configuration.id, [line1], {
        title: 'Default Date Axis',
        axes: { xaxis: { renderer: $.jqplot.DateAxisRenderer } },
        series: [{ lineWidth: 4, markerOptions: { style: 'square' } }]
var base64String = $('#' + configuration.id + '').jqplotToImageStr({});

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