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PieRenderer errors in Firefox: "An invalid or illegal string was specified" code: "12"

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Drawing a plot using the PieRenderer causes an error in Firefox 3.5: "An invalid or illegal string was specified" code: "12"

A way to reproduce this error is to run: {{{


$.jqplot('pie', [[['a',1],['b',2]]], {seriesDefaults:{renderer:$.jqplot.PieRenderer}}) }}}

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  1. Anonymous

    This usually happens if the "jqplot.pieRenderer.js" plugin was not loaded in the header. If the include line is presend, maybe a typo prevents the correct file from loading?

  2. Chris Leonello repo owner

    I can't reproduce this error. As Anonymous stated, if the pie renderer plugin isn't loaded, you'll get this error.

    I'm going to close this ticket. Reopen if you are still having an issue.

  3. Anonymous

    I have found this error occurs if you have the pieRenderer and trendline plugins loading into the same page. I am not sure if this is documented someplace, but I have not seen it yet.

  4. Chris Leonello repo owner

    Good catch. The trendline plugin is incompatible with pie charts. I've added a check to the code to disable it on pie charts, it will be in the repo in the near future.

    To fix this in your current project, you have a couple options:

    1. Set $.jqplot.config.enablePlugins = false; at the start of your code and then, for each plot which needs a plugin like trendline, highlighter, cursor, etc, enable those plugins (set there "show" option to true) on those particular plots.
    2. Set the trendline:{show:false} option on the series in your pie charts.
  5. Anonymous

    I'm getting this error currently. I don't have the trendline plugin loaded, but I do have the following other plugins loaded (necessary, as this page has a significant number of graphs):

    • barRenderer
    • dateAxisRenderer
    • canvasTextRenderer
    • canvasAxisTickRenderer
    • canvasAxisLabelRenderer
    • cursor
    • highlighter
    • pieRenderer
  6. Anonymous


    I'm also getting this error. Any idea what could be the root-cause for this?

    BR, David

  7. Anonymous

    i also getting this one, and tried to copy paste this, it renders the y-axis only, while the x-axis fails.

    it says -> " invalid or illegal string was specified, /jqplot/jquery.jqplot.js line 3471

    I wonder, what version of jqplot actually runs all the example successfully? Currently using jquery.jqplot.0.9.7r618, in Firefox 3.6.8


  8. Anonymous

    after some experimentation I discovered that you get this error if pie chart data contains at least one entry with data value of zero. --- Nitin Bhide

  9. magicstar

    I'm running trendline instead of pie chart and I have also encountered this error but only in FIrefox. In my datas I have 2 sets that only have 1 point where else the others has about 4. For some reason its unable to calculate the trendline because of insufficient data.

  10. tpo

    Reopening this bug, since I can now reproduce the problem in FF 3.6.22 Ubuntu 10.04. See the attached html file for a test case. You'll need to save it to your local filesystem and open it there from the browser.

    (That's because that html page loads the jqplot scripts from the website and apparently the latter will not deliver those scripts if it finds that the referrer is not the jqplot site itself. Or that's my theory. However this does not have anything to do with the fact that jqplot doesn't render the chart).

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