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This is a request for jqplot to provide a [[http://informationandvisualization.de/blog/box-plot|box plot]]. It would look very similar to the candlestick plot which is provided already, so perhaps this would not be much work.

Thanks for the great library!

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  1. jab reporter

    I just checked in a basic prototype which meets all my needs[*]. Feel free to include/modify as you see fit!

    I'm attaching an html file which creates an example box plot using the jqplot.boxplotRenderer.js linked to above.

    [*] Actually, the one thing I've not yet been able to figure out is how to get the highlight tooltip to appear when mousing over any part of a diagram (inside the box, over a whisker, etc). Currently it only appears when mousing over the min point. It looks like the candlestick plot is able to achieve this, but I haven't yet figured out how. Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. Jim Miller

    I am trying to use the prototype of the box plot. The y axis bounds are not being correct. It looks like the bounds are being set as if the plot is a line plot and indexing into data that is just [x,y].

    The box plot prototype was written a couple of years ago and I am trying to use on the most recent release of jqplot.

    I had the same issue when I started with a copy of the ohlc renderer code and just changed the names of the class.

  3. Jaimin Patel

    I am able to access it now, though getting following when using the similar code as index.html in this thread -


    Is there any parameter which needs to be updated in order to scale with the axis values?

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