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redraw() many times causes massive memory leaks on FF4.

Raul Sobon
created an issue

In this specific case, it was a barRenderer , with about 48 bars.

On a timer and on a button trigger I got new JSON data via $.getJSON() and did = data.lines; plot.title.text = data.text; plot.redraw()

After about 10-15 events, memory shot up by 500meg, and firefox 4. was going crazy.

But If i just do a replot() and resetAxesScale() , memory only goes up by 20meg, then back down again.

Chrome on the other hand also recovers in both methods after going up 30meg then down.

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  1. Paul Pritchard
    • changed status to open

    That's an older version of FireFox, so this may no longer be an issue. If there is still an issue, please post a example that illustrates this problem.

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