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Dragable + Zoom Proxy + Replot

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I am using the dragable plugin to allow my users to move points around in a main plot and Cursor.zoomProxy with a zoom plot to allow them to get to a specific spot in greater detail.

This led to a few interesting observations that I have found some workarounds for:

1) The zoom plot is draggable by default.

1A) I put isDragable: true for the main plot and isDragable: false for the zoom plot.

2) The Zoom Proxy does not update the zoom plot when the main plot is edited.

2A) I added a click handler on the main plot to update my zoom plot. //$("#mainplot").bind("jqplotClick", clickHandler);// When an item is modified, I modify the same item in the zoom plot and call zoomPlot.replot().

3) The replotted zoom plot does not zoom proxy anymore.

3A) I linked the plots on every update and replot. //$.jqplot.Cursor.zoomProxy(mainPlot, zoomPlot);//

Suggestions for enhancement: zoomProxy could prevent the zoom plot from being dragable. When zoomProxy is set up, the data changes in one should be passed to the other. * if replot() is run, and there is a zoomProxy, it should automatically link up again.

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