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Highlight issue when the first value is “null”

Anonymous created an issue

Hello, I have a problem with the mouse-over highlights. When I mouse-over the bar-charts, the value is shown on the wrong bar - on the left side of the bar before. The similar problem is on the line-charts, here you can see wrong values (values from the line-point before) by mouse-over the line-points. But this problem occurs only when the first value of my chart-array is “null”. The reason for using the “null” value on the first location is, that the user should see that on the first tick (v.1.1.01) there are no values (no lines or bars).

My chart-arrays to display the line- and bar-charts are:

var bench = [null, 1167, 1210, 1245, 1000, 800, 1104]; var boot = [null, 114, 107, 77,101,59,77];

plot1 = $.jqplot("chart1", [boot, bench], { …

Sorry for my bad english, but I hope it’s possible to understand my problem. Please see the screenshot for a better understanding:


Thanks for the support.

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  1. Alexandre Paixao

    I think I have the same problem. I have a bar serie starting with null, and a line serie with valid values. Hovering is fine for the line serie (tooltip above the marker), but the bar serie tooltip shows on the top left of the chart.

    When I replace "null" with zeros, the tooltip is fine.

    I'm using jqplot 1.0.4r1121

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