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High frequency updates, dates go off the side or disappear

Anonymous created an issue

I have look around and simply cannot find anything. Apologies if this has been mentioned beforehand.

As an example, I have a line chart that has a date on the X axis and price on the Y axis. When the chart is updated with data being pushed to the browser, the chart updates and displays the line fine, with the axis matching accordingly. However, when the update frequency goes below around 300ms, the dates start to mess up and the ticks disappear, appear, reappear, re-disappear etc etc

I am releasing my own API that relies on yours for charts and I am very impressed, however just a bit confused why the x-axis starts messing up so drastically. Connecting to the same server on my iPhone reveals exactly the same issue, literally the same, as on the computer (running side by side).

I am more than happy to supply a video if need be.

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  1. Anonymous

    Update: I have a limiter on how often the updates can occur on the client, say every 100ms. If there is a jump in the dates between two points displayed, because the server has updated twice within 100ms, the chart then looses track of the ticks, even though on every graph replot the min and max are set.

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