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Line Chart - How to change the line color/ line type via scripting?

Pankaj Wadhwa
created an issue

Hi I am relatively new to JQPlots am able to use basic chart functions.

Now here is the issue:

I have not been able to find any documentation which can advice to manipulate any drawn line chart. For example, I have created a multi line chart and I would like to (all of them through scripting):

  • change the color of single line(one line color changes to blue from red),
  • type of single line (from solid to dashed)
  • Also, very importantly, when two lines are overlapping each other(in cases where both have identical trend data) - is there a way I can bring lines back and forth? Currently, the one line at the back does not appear at all.
  • also, is there a way I can include one more line to the drawn chart?

Please advice.


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