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M Leung
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Sorry for my poor English. In my work, I receive some data from servlet(Spring framework), and in JSP, I wrote:

<select id="im"> <c:forEach items="${dataList}" var=m> <option value="m.v">m.t</option> </c:forEach> </select>

Luckily I got data,it looks like line=[[2012-11-07,0.78],[2012-11-21,1.23]];. Follow your tutorial, the script is:

$.(ready(function(){ $.jqplot('lineChart', [line],{title:'myLineChart', axes:{
renderer:$.jqplot.DateAxisRenderer, tickOptions:{formatString:'%#m/%#d'} } } }); });

All required js files and css files are right. When I step into the breakpoint, I find that jquery.jqplot.min.js, 行57 字符26744 throw "No Data" obviously,some thing goes wrong. When I paste the JSP page sourcecode as an HTML and it shows normal picture--date in x axis! Compare them, I find the value of 'aq' is "function(){; h.jsDate()}" when debug HTML. But the value of 'aq' is "undefined" when debuging JSP. As I wrote above the attribute of renderer is "$.jqplot.DateAxisRenderer". Why it became undefined and when? And How to resolve it? Thanks a lot!

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