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zoom doesnt work in pie chart

Anonymous created an issue

I am using Jqplot in my project.I have enabled zoom as shown in code below. It doesnt work for the Pie chart.The crosshair cursor shows but when I click and drag it doesnt zoom.

I used a bar chart.It works perfectly well there. In the below link you mention that zoom isn't supported for bar/pie/funnel/donut. https://bitbucket.org/cleonello/jqplot/issue/53/click-event-for-data-points

I want to use zoom on the pie chart so that I can zoom-in to see the small slices.The jqplot version I am using is jquery.jqplot.1.0.4r1121. Please help me resolve this issue.

Code: plot1 = $.jqplot(pieGraphDivId, [data_PieGraph], { title:{ text: 'test', fontSize:'1.5em', show:true }, gridPadding: { top: 20, bottom: 20, left: 20, right: 0 }, seriesDefaults: { renderer: $.jqplot.PieRenderer, trendline: { show: false }, rendererOptions: { padding: 20, showDataLabels: true,dataLabelThreshold:0 } }, legend: { show: true, placement: 'inside', location: 'e' }, cursor: { show: true, zoom: true, showTooltip: false } });

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