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Axis Plotting Incorrectly

created an issue

We currently use the plugin in on our website (www.glass.co.uk) to show a graph of used car prices and mileage.

We are having intermittent issues with fact that vehicles correctly according to mileage and price (See atttached png).

Our development partner has suggested that appears to be an issue with the plug-in. I would like to understand if this is known issue and whether there is a fix for this?

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  1. Chris Leonello repo owner

    Hi Chris,

    Can you post a test case? A sample js + html file (including data) that I can run to reproduce the problem. I have not had this problem myself, so I am not sure the cause.

  2. Chris Leonello repo owner

    Downloaded and ran your test case. Could not duplicate the issue in Windows 7 on FireFox or IE9 or on OS X 10.8 in FireFox or Safari. Is there some certain action to perform to cause the error?

  3. Glass_co_uk reporter

    Sorry Chris - I should have provided the following criteria in the search

    • Postcode = KT12 2YA • Minimum Price = £10,000 • Maximum Price = £50,000 • I am prepared to travel up to = Within 30 miles • Make = BMW • NO BODY STYLE OR MODEL SELECTED

    I have just checked and this is still plotting incorrectly.

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