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broken bar charts in html5 document (release 1.0.4r1121)

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Here attached as a zip file are two bar chart snippets from official jqplot examples.

  • chartSnippet.html is an HTML5 document not rendering bar chart
  • plotSnippet.html is an XHTML transitionnal document rendering bar chart correcrtly.

I'm using jqplot 1.0.4r1121, firefox 18.0.1 (ubuntu 12.04). Hope it may help you toubleshot this excellent framework :)

Kindest regards

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  1. blonchk reporter

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    Hello, Paul I've changed my declarations, adding ` type="text/javascript" ´ to the script tag, accordingly your typ for html5.

    Unfortunatly, this change do not resolve the issue. The bar chart doesn't show. Furthermore, line charts are working perfectly, with or without the added `type´ attribute in html5 document.

    I'm javascript newbe and i don't know how to proceed further. Has other people reported analog issues or am i the only case?

    Anyway, i'm ready to investigate further on hand your tips.

    Kind regards Bertrand

    2013/2/8 B. Iblonchk

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    Issue 716: broken bar charts in html5 document (release 1.0.4r1121)

    Paul Pritchard:

    In the HTML5 document if you add type="text/javascript" to the <script> tags, the chart will display correctly.


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  2. Paul Pritchard

    Nobody else has reported a similar issue. You might want to make sure that you are including the bar chart plugin. Otherwise, make a example that shows the problem.

  3. blonchk reporter

    Solved! I had a typo in the script tag for jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.js. Now, everything's working perfectly for both html5 and xhtml. I thank you very much for your helpfull tips and your patience.

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