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stacked bar chart legends do not respect seriesColor for swatches

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When I have a legend for the bar chart, the swatches in the legend appear and are blank when I use the line


where inst_colors is a set of hex colors for each section of the stacked bar chart. The stacked bar colors match the colors provided by the inst_colors array, but the legend swatches themselves are blank. If I remove that line, then the colors in the legend swatches are present and match the color in the stacks. I therefore believe that the legend is not respecting the colors provided by seriesColors. This problem happens regardless of whether or not varyBarColor is set to true.

I should add that this is a stacked bar chart that is intended to mimic the HighChart 'stacked and grouped chart' ( As such, each series has been formatted like so:

[N 0 0 0 M 0 0 0 X 0 0 0] -- first series, appears in the first, fourth, seventh columns [Q 0 0 0 D 0 0 0 C 0 0 0] -- second series, appears above the first series in the first, fourth, seventh columns, and so forth.

As such, the colors are expected to (and do) rotate through the stacked series appropriately. I do not believe that this configuration is particularly germane to the problem, as I can reproduce the issue with a single stacked column of two series, each with one data point.

I can provide a small example if necessary, or if it would speed up a fix.

I have also upgraded to version 1.0.7 in the hopes that would solve my problem, and it hasn't.

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