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pointLabels show at wrong location when there's "null" point

Anonymous created an issue

I user $.jqplot.LineRenderer ans set pointLabels: { show: true }; My data is [null, 100, null], then the "100" label show at the first column but not the second.

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  1. sharlene108

    I have experienced the same problem.

    I am working with jqPlot's Line chart where data should be displayed for last 12 months. If current month is September then X axis will show 2012 August till 2013 September. However, I have data starting from January 2013. Therefore the lines will start from the middle of the chart till the most recent available month's data.

    Problem: Lines are started from the correct position, but the pointlabels have not moved accordingly. Although the lines show correctly the pointlabels are shown from beginning of the chart.

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