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pointLabels with hindeZeros and zooming

created an issue

When pointLabels has HideZero set to true; zooming doesn't work.

This is because emptyForce() is being called on elements not being displayed. My fix is to use a for in loop instead of a normal for loop for emptyForce() in jqplot.pointLabels.js

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  1. Roman Stanec

    I would vote to have this bug fixed asap as it causes not displaying the chart at all (and not the next charts I have on the same page because of this JS error) and the fix is pretty simple.

    In the meantime I fixed the issue this way: in jqplot.pointLabels.js, I replaced line 276: p._elems[i].emptyForce(); with: if(p._elems[i]) p._elems[i].emptyForce();

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