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Strange Rendering issue in latest Chrome (29.0.1547.62 m)

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How to reproduce

Create a simple table with 100000 data points with the same value

$(document).ready(function(){ var data = []; for(var i =0;i<100000;i++){ data.push([i,1]); } var plot1 = $.jqplot ('chart1', [data]); });

Open with Chrome's latest version (29.0.1547.62 m)

The grid will show correctly first time. Refresh (reload) the page. The grid will be blank. No matter how many times you reload the page in the same tab, it will always be blank. You need to open the chart in a new tab to display it correctly again.

Since every Tab in Chrome has its own process, I think its due to some memory management issue in Chrome.

Another strange thing is that I could only reproduce this issue when all the data have the same value (in other words, the data displays as a horizontal line).

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