Issue #9 resolved

Axis value crossing customization

Chris Leonello
repo owner created an issue

Allow axes value intersection customization, so axes can cross at 0 or any other value and not just at axis minimum value.

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  1. Andreas Dörler

    Commit #344 says: "Fill to zero working for lines, but no independent coloring of +/- areas."

    I've just tried with svn version of 08/21 but it doesn't seem to work (see attachment: jqplot_fill_to_zero.png). Are there any new settings to make it work?

    Many thanks in advance Andreas

  2. Chris Leonello reporter

    It is still in development. I've been rather busy and haven't had time to clean up my commits and update the repo on bitbucket.

    This is the issue I am currently working on.

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