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Format: 1.4

Title: jqPlot
SubTitle: Pure Javascript plotting the jQuery way.

Footer: Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Leonello
Timestamp: Updated month day, year
#   m     - One or two digit month.  January is "1"
#   mm    - Always two digit month.  January is "01"
#   mon   - Short month word.  January is "Jan"
#   month - Long month word.  January is "January"
#   d     - One or two digit day.  1 is "1"
#   dd    - Always two digit day.  1 is "01"
#   day   - Day with letter extension.  1 is "1st"
#   yy    - Two digit year.  2006 is "06"
#   yyyy  - Four digit year.  2006 is "2006"
#   year  - Four digit year.  2006 is "2006"

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Cut and paste the lines below to change the order in which your files
# appear on the menu.  Don't worry about adding or removing files, Natural
# Docs will take care of that.
# You can further organize the menu by grouping the entries.  Add a
# "Group: [name] {" line to start a group, and add a "}" to end it.
# You can add text and web links to the menu by adding "Text: [text]" and
# "Link: [name] ([URL])" lines, respectively.
# The formatting and comments are auto-generated, so don't worry about
# neatness when editing the file.  Natural Docs will clean it up the next
# time it is run.  When working with groups, just deal with the braces and
# forget about the indentation and comments.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------

File: jqPlot Graphs  (jqplot.core.js)
File: Usage  (no auto-title, usage.txt)
File: Examples  (no auto-title, examples.txt)
Link: Unit Tests & Examples  (../../tests/)

Group: Default Renderers  {

   File: AxisTickRenderer  (jqplot.axisTickRenderer.js)
   File: CanvasGridRenderer  (jqplot.canvasGridRenderer.js)
   File: DivTitleRenderer  (jqplot.divTitleRenderer.js)
   File: LinearAxisRenderer  (jqplot.linearAxisRenderer.js)
   File: MarkerRenderer  (jqplot.markerRenderer.js)
   File: ShapeRenderer  (jqplot.shapeRenderer.js)
   File: ShadowRenderer  (jqplot.shadowRenderer.js)
   }  # Group: Default Renderers

Group: Plugin Renderers  {

   File: LogAxisRenderer  (plugins/jqplot.logAxisRenderer.js)
   File: CategoryAxisRenderer  (plugins/jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.js)
   File: DateAxisRenderer  (plugins/jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.js)
   File: BarRenderer (plugins/jqplot.barRenderer.js)
   File: Cursor (plugins/jqplot.cursor.js)
   File: Highlighter (plugins/jqplot.highlighter.js)
   }  # Group: Plugin Renderers

Group: Index  {

   Index: Everything
   Class Index: Classes
   Property Index: Properties
   Function Index: Functions
   }  # Group: Index