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Welcome to the a unique and entertaining way of interacting with you images. For anyone with a microphone this is application is a fun way to enjoy your pictures with you friends, or maybe it will someday be a useful tool for presenting slide-shows. The project is young yet, but the source is functional. The executables are available for OSX and Windows. I've had a chance to test it on XP and 7, but not Vista, so here's hoping. The Linux version is pending some further testing for compatibility.


  • Supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG files. (currently)
  • Uses local volume thresholding to trigger a slide show.


  • Context menu
  • Options for file ordering (date, modified, etc)
  • Between image animations (slides, spins, and fades)
  • Rotate functionality
  • Improved Save/Delete behavior (are you sure nag screen)
  • Zoom/Scaling
  • Inverted thresholding, so when you're talking it doesn't change, and otherwise it changes at a regular pace
  • Effects/Overlays


This project has been written in Processing so far, and I like the aesthetic, but I don't like the speed, so it may change in the future. Kudos to

  • Minim: The audio library powering the whole idea
  • Processing and their excellent community
  • SPC and LKD for all the help on the way. :^)
  • Sewanee Computer Science!