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rstyoutube is a package for embedding youtube videos in reStructuredText documents.

The code lives at Bug reports, feature requests, and contributions are all welcome. If you find the code useful, hop on bitbucket and send me a quick message letting me know.


To use with pelican or another docutils-based system, add the following to your pelican configuration file:

import rstyoutube

To use rstyoutube in standalone rst files, you can use the included script, which should get installed onto your PATH.

In your reST document, include a youtube directive with the video's id as the sole argument as follows:

YouTube in reST

This is my document

.. youtube:: 5blbv4WFriM

Hope you enjoyed the video.

That's all it takes.


If you want more fine-grained control, you can add various options:

.. youtube:: 5blbv4WFriM
    :start: 67
    :width: 640
    :height: 480


The number of seconds into the video where you want to start playback.

width / height

The size of the embedded viewer. Defaults to 640x480, or if the hd option is set, defaults to 1080x720.


This option takes no arguments. If it is present, the player is embedded over https, rather than http.


This option takes no arguments. If it is present, the embedded video is shown in HD. The player's default size becomes 1080x720, but can still be overridden using the width and height options.


0.1.1 -- 2011/12/15

Added options

0.1.0 -- 2011/12/15

Initial release

To Do

  • Add options to allow people to customize their videos.

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