Clint Howarth avatar Clint Howarth committed 7fd0344

fix email notification, respect spam flag

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     email_recipients = config_block.get(task_params.TASK_EMAIL, None)
     if email_recipients:
-        email_recipients = ",".split(email_recipients)
+        email_recipients = email_recipients.split(",")
         email_recipients = []
+    spam = config_block.get(task_params.SPAM, None)
     unparsed_interval = config_block.get(task_params.TASK_INTERVAL, None)
     parsed_interval = timing.parse_interval(unparsed_interval)
         task_params.FAIL_BY_STDERR: fail_by_stderr,
         task_params.FAIL_BY_RETCODE: fail_by_retcode,
         task_params.CONFIG: config_block,
+        task_params.SPAM: spam,
     # In erroneous configurations, we add a dummy job with an


         # email 'if needed'
         # TODO: this -> somewhere else?
         if not app.config.get(con.EMAIL_DISABLED, None):
+            app.logger.debug("{0} testing for signal (run)".format(
             response = self.needs_notification(execution)
-            if response:
+            app.logger.debug("{0} test response: {1}".format(, response))
+            if response is not False:
+                app.logger.debug("{0} sending email".format(
                 self.send_email(execution, response)
         # cleanup old runs if needed
         if self.email_recipients:
+        app.logger.debug("Attempting to send email to: {0}".format(str(to_addresses)))
         from_address = app.config.get(con.EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS)
         smtp_server = app.config.get(con.EMAIL_SMTP)
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