Patrick Cloke (clokep)

Patrick Cloke
b431d05 Bug 1084973 - Port |Bug 1031352 - share the logic for determining what MSVC DLLs to package| and part of |Bug 649607| to im, mail, ...
a449ff4 Bug 1096109 - Port |Bug 1091383 - Move delayload logic entirely in frontend code| and |Bug 1091384 - Remove EXPAND_LIBNAME and affiliated| to c-c ...
f406c1f Bug 1082243 - Port |Bug 1077151 - Always use expandlibs descriptors when they exist| to comm-central r=jcranmer a=me for CLOSED TREE
f54859b Bug 813459 - convert OnItemIntPropertyChanged listener to 64bit. r=irving, r=Neil, a=me
93f4e62 Bug 1091675 - Implement quoting to disable multi-word search in addressbook. r=mkmelin, a=me
Patrick Cloke
640dc09 imported patch irc-channel-test
47be95d Bug 956101 - Thunderbird telemetry is largely missing, r=vladan, a=jcranmer
0ee12c1 Bug 1094694 SeaMonkey changes needed due to the web installer interfaces now using browsers instead of DOM windows r=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
4ad6463 Bug 1092811 - Print Preview not working in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey since Bug 1082575 r=mconley r=clokep rs=bustage fix SeaMonkey a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
ae05d04 Bug 1074711 - Include m-c's check to use mozmake instead of gmake, r=glandium, a=jcranmer