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Romain Pelisse 1dd00ab 
Romain PELISSE 547d3aa 


svn() {
  cat $EXAMPLE_DIR/svn-short.txt

#$ name: short

svn log -r9653

#$ name:

hg init myrepo
cd myrepo

echo hello > hello
hg commit -Am'added hello'

echo hello >> hello
echo goodbye > goodbye
echo '   added line to end of <<hello>> file.' > ../msg
echo '' >> ../msg
echo 'in addition, added a file with the helpful name (at least i hope that some might consider it so) of goodbye.' >> ../msg

hg commit -Al../msg

hg tag mytag
hg tag v0.1

echo 'changeset = "{node|short}\n"' >

#$ name: id

hg log -r0 --template '{node}'

#$ name: simplest
#$ ignore: \d+-\d+-\d+ \d+:\d+ \+.*

hg log -r1 --style

#$ name:

echo 'changeset =' >

#$ name: syntax.input


#$ name: syntax.error

hg log -r1 --style

#$ name:

cp $EXAMPLE_DIR/svn.template .

#$ name: template

cat svn.template

#$ name: style


#$ name: result
#$ ignore: \| 200[78].*

hg log -r1 --style
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