Cloudworks RSS feed - 1970 date bug + validation

Issue #183 resolved
Nick Freear
created an issue

From: Rhodri Thomas | CC: Lee Austin (by email)

Hi guys, trying to consume RSS feeds e.g. in the 'mobile connections' site in Drupal and we seem to be having issues in that the items marked 1970 (!) are being pulled through but nothing else is. The effect on is to display the oldest first, unlike all other feeds which display most recent first using same module code.

Lee Austin, working for me on this is wondering whether there's any scope to improve the feed, which we've also noticed doesn't completely validate according to the W3C checker.

We've also tested which validates, but doesn't have the full range I'm after (and has 5 rather than 7 1970 references which cause the same problem)

If you could please let me know if this is possible and doable soon that would be great, ta :)


Sent while mobile, excuse the brevity :-)

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  1. Nick Freear reporter

    I have added a number of follow-on fixes to address other feed validation errors and warnings. From commit 1307b92eb382 893ce907c7ae .

    The feed now validates:

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