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Issue #215 resolved
Juliette Culver created an issue

From Yishay Mor for the OLDS MOOC

Create an alternative cloud view, without the title bar, navigation etc. (and with a link to the cloud page) that can be used for embedding a cloud in another site.

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  1. Juliette Culver reporter

    What do we want to include in the stripped down view?

    At the moment the full cloud includes:

    • Title information: cloud title, options (edit etc, if logged in), creator, creator icon, created date, add to favourites (if logged in), number of views, number of favourites, strapline
    • Main cloud content
    • Comments
    • Extra content
    • Embedded content
    • Contribute section - comments, links, academic references
    • Log in /sign up buttongs
    • Tags & Add tag button (if logged in)
    • Cloudscapes that the cloud belong to & Add to cloudscape button (if logged in)
    • Improve this cloud - add extra content, link etc (if logged in)
  2. Juliette Culver reporter

    Another issue - should links open in a new tab/new window in this stripped down version? Otherwise, when the user clicks on a link they are going to get taken to a non-stripped down page.

  3. Juliette Culver reporter

    Looks like we can solve the problem mentioned with links by using the HTML base element.

  4. Juliette Culver reporter

    Discussed with Yishay that this should work on cloudscapes and user profiles as well. Not doing for all pages as that would require huge amount of testing.

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