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Juliette Culver created an issue

From Yishay Mor for the OLDS MOOC.


  • Each group will have a cloud listing all group members.

  • The creator / owner of the group cloud will be able to define if it is open, by invitation, or people can ask to join. - It is possible to send messages to all group members. These messages are listed at the bottom of the goup cloud and delivered by mail (subject to user preferences).

  • The creator / owner of a group can define who can send messages to the group members (creator only / all members / anyone)

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  1. Juliette Culver reporter

    This sounds very much like a mailing list functionality - is there anything else that is needed? What sort of activities will groups be undertaking?

    One option would be to allow an embed of a Google group in a cloud - would that be sufficient?

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